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OuterElements is a trusted tree service business offering professional residential and commercial tree services in Acworth in metro Atlanta and the surrounding regions. Serving the Atlanta area since 1958, we have developed an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality work and exemplary customer service.

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The services offered at OuterElements go beyond basic tree work for small gardens. We offer comprehensive commercial and residential tree care. All services provided are tailored to the client, ensuring their specific needs are met. We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach has no place in most modern landscaping jobs. Whether you require land clearing services for a new office space or trimming and tree removal services for your residential garden, we can create a custom solution to your landscaping problem.

We also run a full-service garden center, ensuring we have all the materials on hand to complete your project quickly and efficiently.

Our qualified staff is experienced in commercial and residential projects that involve power lines, dealing with rare tree species, and handling stubborn tree stumps. All our workers are fully insured, licensed, and bonded.

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OuterElements Tree Services

At OuterElements, we understand that every customer and project is different, so our residential services are broad-ranging. Some of the most popular residential tree services we provide include:

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Tree Removal Services

Whether a large tree obstructs your view or you need to remove a dying tree in your backyard, we have the knowledge and equipment to complete a fast, safe, professional removal.

Sick or damaged trees are extremely dangerous, and falls can result in costly damage to your home or business. We are experienced in dealing with native tree species in the Atlanta area and can offer advice on how to keep your existing trees safe and healthy.

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Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming services are not only important for creating a healthy and prosperous garden, but they also have safety benefits. As Acworth is prone to occasional tropical storms, tree removal and trimming are essential to minimize the risk of loose branches and debris damaging your home or causing injury to residents. Our trimming and pruning services keep your trees healthy, visually appealing, and free of infestation.

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Stump Grinding Services

Our stump grinding services eradicate unsightly and potentially hazardous stumps left from removed trees. While a small tree stump might not bother you, it can sprout new, unwanted growth, drawing nutrients from the soil and damaging the surrounding soil. Stumps may also attract insects and pests, which build nests in the exposed stump surface. Contact OuterElements to prevent these issues from occurring.

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Emergency Storm Services

Storms can cause devastating damage to homes and properties. OuterElements specializes in emergency storm services through preventative and reactive action. We highly recommend minimizing the risk of extensive damage through tree removal, trimming, and maintenance. If a storm damages your property, we have the equipment and expertise to remove fallen trees, even if they are intertwined with power lines.

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OuterElements Commercial Tree Services

Commercial tree services can range from standard care and maintenance for office grounds to a large-scale land clearing to prepare a site for a new build. We provide the same tree services for residential and commercial clients. However, some other important commercial solutions include:

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Land Clearing Services

We provide grading and land clearing services for commercial and residential clients, preparing the space for construction work or commercial use. Land clearing is a scientific process that requires professional knowledge to ensure the ground and soil are suitable to build on. From excavating rocks to cutting and hauling trees, we offer land clearing work for projects of all sizes.

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Insurance Claims Adjustments

Operating in an area that experiences storms and hurricanes, we are often called to carry out emergency services and tree removal due to adverse weather. We offer a fast and straightforward insurance claim process to help you handle tree removal costs quickly.

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Crane Services

Urban tree services often involve treating or removing trees in built-up areas. This type of work typically requires a crane to access the tree without damaging any surrounding property. OuterElements provides crane-assisted services, ensuring we can handle the most challenging tasks, commercially and residentially.

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For residential or commercial tree services in Roswell, contact OuterElements. As a family-owned company, we are passionate about helping our local communities and businesses. Whether you need emergency tree removal after a storm or assistance with an insurance claim, we are here to help. Our customer-centric team will not only do a great job but exceed your expectations.

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