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Damage Control: Will Insurance Cover Tree Removal After a Storm

If a fallen tree damages your property during a storm, you may wonder if the cost of removing the tree is covered by insurance. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover tree removal costs if a storm fells the tree, but many won’t cover tree removal for trees that were already weakened or damaged.

Learn more about insurance coverage and tree removal costs after a storm in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, discover how proactively working with a tree removal service to address problematic trees helps you avoid costly damage and out-of-pocket removal fees.


What Does Insurance Cover?

A typical homeowner’s insurance policy covers emergency tree removal costs after a storm. Most policies cover tree removal expenses of up to $500 to $1,000. Usually, insurance caps tree removal expenses at 5% of your dwelling coverage and limits coverage per tree.

Insurance typically covers tree or stump removal costs when a tree falls in a storm, no matter who owns the tree. Your insurance will likely cover the cost of tree services if the fallen tree is blocking your driveway or a structure intended to provide handicap access.

When Will Insurance Not Cover Tree Removal Costs?

There are two main reasons that your insurance will not cover the cost of a tree cutting service.

The first is if the tree does not fall on an insured structure. For instance, if a few large trees fall into your backyard but do not hit your home or other insured structure, insurance will not cover the cost of removal.

The second reason an insurance company won’t cover tree removal is if the damage was preventable. This includes situations where the tree should have been removed before the storm due to weakness, rot, damage, disease, or poor upkeep. This is why it is highly recommended that you hire your local tree service company PayLess Tree Service for routine tree care and to remove dead trees.

Address Problematic Trees Proactively

The best way to prevent felled trees during a storm is to proactively take care of the trees, shrubs, and bushes on your property. Hire a tree service to inspect trees in your yard and perform regular lawn care, tree pruning, and stump grinding services.

If you suspect a tree in your yard shows signs of trouble, such as fungus, surface roots, or rot, ask metro Atlanta tree services company, PayLess Tree Service to assess the situation. We consider the height of the tree and the extent of damage and recommend the best course of action depending on the size of the tree.

Tree trimming costs and removal expenses increase with the size of the tree. For instance, if your poplar trees are 30 feet tall, they will cost less to care for than trees that are 60 feet tall. Removing a small tree is less expensive than removing a big tree. However, each of these costs is less than the potential damage an uncared-for tree can cause if it falls on your home during a storm.

Hire PayLess Tree Service

If you are searching for tree services, PayLess Tree Service is proud to offer full-service tree services to several locations around the Atlanta metro area. We can help you proactively care for the trees on your property to reduce potential damage if a storm hits.

If you’ve already been hit and require tree removal, we can quickly and efficiently remove the damaged tree at an affordable price. Contact us today at (678) 679-8296 to learn more about our tree services.