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Five Reasons You May Need a Crane for Tree Removal

If you are facing an emergency or other dangerous tree removal situation, you may need the help of a tree removal crane. Crane assisted tree removal uses specialized equipment and techniques to remove trees safely and securely.

Discover five reasons you may need a crane tree service, including conditions with limited access and avoiding dangerous power lines.

1. Your Tree is Too Tall

If you have a tree too tall to trim from the ground, you may need to hire a local tree removal company. A professional tree trimming business, like the PayLess Tree Service , can come out and assess your tree to determine whether they can trim it with a ground crew or if crane operators are needed.

The tree company can also assess the size of the tree and tree species. They can recommend how you can best take care of the type of tree and whether you need to remove your tree due to its size or potential damage.

2. Your Tree is Too Close to Power Lines

Trees growing near or into power lines pose a significant safety risk to people and buildings around them. They can cause fires which can damage homes or buildings. Trees in power lines can also conduct electricity, which endangers anyone who comes into contact with the tree.

Although the average crane tree removal cost is between $900 and $2,000, it is vital to contact a tree removal company if your tree is growing into power lines.

3. You Have Tree Damage Due to Storms

Storms can cause hazardous tree damage due to wind, rain, lightning, snow, or ice that fells trees onto houses and roads. If your tree’s root system is already damaged or your yard is full of dead trees, even a slight storm can send a medium tree into your home or other important structure.

If this occurs, you must contact a tree removal company that offers emergency storm services. Your insurance may cover crane-assisted tree removal costs, so make sure to check with your provider to find out what you can expect to pay.

4. You Have Limited Access

If you live on or own commercial property in a location that has limited access to the tree, you may need crane-assisted tree removal. Cranes allow workers to remove trees with limited drop zone areas, such as busy city streets or residential areas.

Using a crane to remove a tree is also helpful in areas with limited access because of the natural environment. For instance, you may have a closely growing row of trees with one that is showing signs of disease. Crane removal service can take out the diseased tree without harming the others.

5. Faster, Easier, Safer

Removing trees by crane is typically faster, easier, and safer than other methods. When operated by professionals, a crane can reduce the tree removal time for complex jobs and create much less damage to the surrounding area. It is the only way to safely remove tall trees and makes removing certain species, like pine trees, less time-consuming and dangerous.

Crane removal is also safer for tree removal workers. Instead of using manual labor and chainsaws, a well-trained crane operator uses the power of machinery to get the job done.

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