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The Complete Guide for Clearing Your Land

If the perfect parcel of land for a house, pasture, or lawn is overgrown with vegetation, you need to clear your land to make your landscaping vision a reality. Land clearing is a complicated process that may include tree removal, stump removal, debris removal, and a land clearing permit from the Atlanta government.

PayLess tree service provides professional land clearing services near you if you live in North Atlanta, Woodstock, Acworth, Marietta, and Kennesaw. Our ground clearing equipment and professionals can handle small or large clearing operations. We ensure the soil stays safe for existing structures and new building plans.

Land Clearing Step-by-Step

Land clearing starts with planning. First, you need to determine if you can do the job independently or if hiring professionals in land clearing near you is a better option. If you are preparing the land to build a home, it is safer to hire professionals because they know how to monitor the soil to ensure the ground is stable to build a house on.

Depending on the size of your land, it may be possible you can handle it yourself. However, if you have an acre or more of land, you will save considerable time by hiring land clearers. You also need to research whether the metro Atlanta region has local zoning laws requiring land clearing permits.

Get free estimates

If you decide to hire professional land clearers, you should shop around to find the best land clearing prices. Land clearing costs depend on the land’s slope and the amount of vegetation. Clearing land cost estimates are hard to determine without a professional on-site evaluation. PayLess Tree Service can quickly get you a quote, so you know what to expect to pay.


Remove existing structures

Land clearing begins with removing existing structures. Tear down the structures, such as buildings, stables, or sheds. Either recycle the materials into ground filler material or send it to a landfill. Then dig out the former structures’ concrete foundations and dispose of those.

Remove all vegetation

Remove all trees, shrubbery, and tree stumps. Professionals use cranes and arborists to remove trees safely if there are existing structures to avoid. They also have on-site forestry mulching woodchippers to assist in handling felled trees and other removed vegetation. Stump grinders remove the hard-to-handle large tree stumps that remain after a tree is felled.

Fill in holes and grade land

The final step in clearing a plot of land is making it safe to work on. Filling in holes and grading the land is necessary for a flat plot of land that can support a new home. Grading land requires special equipment like rototillers and skid steers that licensed professionals must pilot. Land graders must also understand soil structure to ensure it is done safely.

Entrust Your Land Clearing to PayLess Tree Service

Land clearing is the first step to creating a safe, stable plot for your construction project. It is a significant process that requires large machinery, attention to detail, and permits from the local government. If you are facing a land clearing project, contact the PayLess Tree Service for professional assistance.

We provide start to finish land clearing along with our full service, tree services for residential and commercial properties. We have the landscaping expertise to clear your land safely and the equipment to get it done quickly. Contact PayLess Tree Service today to learn more about our services.