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Why and How to Remove a Tree Stump in Georgia

Tree stump removal is often vital to the health of your yard because it removes dead wood that can spread arboreal diseases and attract pests like termites to your home. If you have a tree stump in your yard, consider hiring a professional from PayLess Tree Services Division who can use stump grinding to remove it. The result will be a healthy, cleaner-looking space that you can use for landscaping or gardening to improve your property.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

Large tree stumps and their root systems rot and decay over time and can grow fungi and mold that may endanger your health. Unless removed, the rotting stump and root system can infect your yard’s other trees and plants. Depending on the size, a tree stump can also lead to:

  • Plumbing damage
  • Lower property value
  • Fall hazards at ground level
  • Pests and insects
  • Multiple trees sprouting from the stump
  • Trouble performing lawn maintenance, like mowing

How to Remove a Tree Stump

If you’re wondering how to remove a tree stump or are ready to perform your own DIY stump removal, explore the most common removal methods below: 1. By Hand This method works best on smaller, older, or diseased tree stumps. Remove as much of the stump as possible with a chainsaw (leave enough for leverage later), and use a shovel to expose and cut the main roots. Then alternate reversing and pulling forward to uproot the stump and remove it. 2. Using Chemicals This process involves cutting the top of the stump with a chainsaw and drilling holes where you will pour the removal chemicals. After waiting 4-6 weeks for the chemicals to accelerate the rotting process, you can remove the roots with an ax or kerosene. 3. Burning Burn a tree stump by drilling 10-18 inch deep holes in the wood. Clean away debris, fill the holes with potassium nitrate, and add hot water to dissolve. Place any debris on top of the stump and light it. Use a shovel to break up larger roots or remaining stump pieces, then fill the hole with dirt. 4. Hiring a Professional Instead of renting a stump grinder or covering the stump on your own, you can hire an experienced stump removal company like PayLess Tree Services Division. Our certified stump removers can remove large stumps and tree roots from your property.

We use professional-grade stump grinders to remove all traces of the stump from your yard. Our removal will leave your property in excellent condition and offer you more space in your yard. Once the stumps are ground, we can turn them into wood chips for landscaping or gardening, so ask us about keeping this byproduct to recycle the old material.

How PayLess Can Help

PayLess Tree Services Division Woodstock tree services include stump grinding, tree removal, and tree trimming for residents in the Atlanta metro area. We can visit your property in and around the Atlanta metro area, including Woodstock, North Atlanta, Marietta, Acworth, and Kennesaw, to assess the stump’s diameter and decide on the best removal method. Contact our stump removal professionals at (678) 679-8296 today for a free price estimate for your tree service needs.