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Why Use a Tree Service Instead of DIY

It can be very tempting to attempt to perform tree care services on your property rather than hire a professional company. While we understand the desire to save money, doing it yourself could be bad.

Leave your tree care to the professionals, such as the experts at OuterElements in Woodstock.

Tree Care Can Be Risky

Tree care can be hazardous. Instead of risking injury, work with our professionally trained team to climb heights, use equipment, and maneuver heavy limbs. When you try to do it yourself, you risk injuring yourself and damaging your home, car, or property. Contact a professional to avoid harm.

Tree Care Requires Valuable Expertise & Costly Tools

Our experts have spent years training to become tree service professionals. We've also invested in the necessary tools and machinery to complete jobs quickly and efficiently. You need the tools and expertise to perform tree care services properly to avoid producing unsatisfactory results and damaging some of your household tools.

It is More Convenient to Hire a Professional

It's finally the weekend! Call a professional instead of spending all your time outside trying to remove a stump or trim a tree. You can relax and enjoy your time away from the office. There's no need to waste on tasks like tree care and maintenance.

Why Should You Invest in Tree Care Services?

So we've talked about why doing your own tree care is bad, but why should someone hire tree care services first? Tree care services provide numerous advantages, including:

  • Professional tree care keeps your yard and trees looking great
  • Prevents the disease from spreading
  • Improves the overall appearance of your yard

Tree Care Keeps Soil Healthy

Regular tree care and maintenance entail professionals specializing in tree health and wellness inspecting your soil regularly. They can tell when the soil has lost its nutrients or when a different type is required. Everything growing in your yard will thrive with the most suitable soil.

Tree Care Helps to Keep Insects & Diseases at Bay

It's heartbreaking when a beautiful tree becomes infested with pests or infected with a disease. The most important thing you can do when this occurs is contact a professional tree service. We can stop the disease or infestation from spreading throughout your yard. Depending on the severity of the problem, we may recommend trimming, specialty treatments, or even complete tree removal.

Tree Care Maintains the Health of Trees

A yard with beautiful trees is truly a sight to behold. Trees are the most important factor in the overall appearance of your curbside view and yard. Having healthy trees in your yard can raise the value of your home! Hire a professional to trim and prune your trees, so they look great for years to come.

Tree Care Allows for Easier Stump Removal

Stumps are vexing for various reasons: they're unsightly, serve as a breeding ground for pests, and can make simple activities like playing catch or mowing difficult. With our tree care services, we can remove a tree stump without tearing up your lawn.

Should You Remove Your Trees?

Removing a large tree is a complex and dangerous task. It's always best to hire a professional to do the job, but sometimes you can do it yourself. But first, you'll need to decide whether to remove it or hire a tree service professional.

If you need tree services in Woodstock or the surrounding area, call PayLess at (678) 679-8296. Please contact us today in Woodstock to request a free estimate!