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OuterElements is a landscaping and tree services company that has served the city of Marietta in Cobb County and the surrounding suburbs for more than six decades. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding tree services for residential and commercial properties.

We are a family-owned and operated business with a focus on exceptional customer service. Our team works with you to create a custom tree maintenance and care plan to suit your needs and property. Our competitive pricing ensures you get the tree work you need, no matter your budget.

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OuterElements tree services division has years of experience with commercial and residential projects, including tree removal from downed power lines, identifying diseased trees, maintaining and caring for native and rare species, and eliminating problem stumps. Our team is fully insured, bonded, and licensed for your peace of mind.

We also offer a well-stocked garden center that sells bulk materials, container plants, palletized stones and boulders, and large root ball trees for all your landscaping needs.

OuterElements Residential Tree Services in Marietta

At OuterElements, we offer a comprehensive selection of tree services to help maintain your residential property, including:

Tree Removal

Diseased or dying trees are a serious risk to your residential property, posing a falling hazard that can damage structures and teardown power lines. If you notice the tree’s bark is blue-grey, fungus growing on the trunk, or leaves that don’t grow back during the regular growing season, call OuterElements for a professional assessment and tree removal service.

At OuterElements, our tree removal services division has extensive experience with tree species native to Atlanta, and rare tree species, so we can safely remove damaged trees from your home. Our team can also offer helpful advice on tree maintenance and disease prevention to keep your trees healthy.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming services not only keep your yard looking its best but are also crucial for preserving the health and lifespan of your trees. Trimming dead branches redirects nutrients to the rest of the tree, supporting healthy growth. It can also prevent beetle and aphid infestations which can decimate your tree's foliage and branch system.

Tree trimming reduces the risk of branches becoming loose and falling or colliding with your home during a storm.

At OuterElements, our tree services division use various trimming and tree pruning techniques, including:

  • Crown cleaning to remove dead, dying, broken, diseased, low vigor, and competing branches and water sprouts.
  • Thinning to prevent cluttered or rubbing branches, which can disrupt the visual appeal and healthy growth of the tree.
  • Tree elevation to remove low-lying limbs that hang over garages, fences, and other structures.
  • Deadwood removal to preserve the tree’s structural integrity and help avoid complete tree removal.

Stump Grinding

If you have recently had a tree removed or felled during a storm, there may be an unsightly stump remaining. Stumps impact the aesthetic appearance of your property and can harbor dangerous pests that can affect healthy neighboring trees.

Stump grinding services eliminate the part of the stump visible above the soil line. Our team uses heavy-duty machinery to grind the stump down into wood chips, low enough that the root ball is sufficiently damaged to prevent future growth. Stump grinding reduces the need for root pulling, which can disrupt the stability of the soil, potentially affecting surrounding structures and plants.

If there is a stump on your property that poses a tripping risk or affects your home’s curb appeal, call OuterElements for professional stump grinding.

Emergency Storm Damage Services

The Northwest of Georgia is rich with lush forests and trees, especially for an urban region. While this contributes to the beauty of Marietta as a city, it can pose problems during storms and heavy winds. Falling trees are hazardous to people and buildings and are particularly problematic when they come into contact with electricity poles.

At OuterElements, we provide emergency storm services for homes and commercial properties harmed by adverse weather. Although maintenance work such as tree trimming and pruning helps prevent severe damage, it’s impossible to guarantee your trees will be unaffected after a harsh storm.

It’s important to remove fallen trees and debris as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. With access to heavy-duty, specialist equipment, we offer efficient emergency tree removal for damaged trees, ensuring you can immediately begin the damage restoration process.

Removing trees and loose debris following a storm is very dangerous without the right equipment. Downed power lines may have come in contact with the tree or pools of water, and the support structures of your home may be weakened.

Contact OuterElements immediately after storm damage occurs, and rest assured that our team of qualified arborists will help you safely restore your property.

Wood Chipping

Wood chips are an excellent option for nutrient-rich mulch and moisture-retaining ground cover for your garden. At OuterElements, we are committed to recycling 100% of the wood materials we remove from properties around Marietta. If you want to turn your damaged tree branches or unwanted trees into useful wood chips, contact OuterElements, and we can collect and chip the wood waste from your tree removal or trimming jobs.

OuterElements Commercial Tree Services in Marietta

A beautifully maintained exterior can impress customers and attract more business to your office building or industrial complex. Commercial tree services by OuterElements range from standard tree pruning and maintenance to large-scale land clearing in preparation for construction projects. No matter the scope of your landscaping and tree care needs, OuterElements has a tree service for your commercial property.

Land Clearing Services

Land clearing is necessary to prepare a plot for construction work or commercial use. While it may seem rudimentary, it is a specialist service that relies on science to ensure the land is safe, usable, and suitable for the project at hand. We remove dead trees, rotted wood, and diseased vegetation to promote healthy soil, create suitable land for building, and improve its appearance and value.

Whether you require tree and shrub removal for a home renovation project or you need large-scale land grading to prepare a construction site, we have the equipment and expertise to clear any size plot.

Insurance Claims Adjustments

OuterElements assists many clients with insurance claim adjustments. Most insurance companies cover damages to your property due to fallen trees, whether it occurred due to a storm or an accident.

Whatever the extent of the damage to your property from a fallen tree, our team can visit the site to determine the cost value and provide our professional opinion to your insurance claims adjuster. We will also perform any removal duties and necessary restoration from fallen trees.

Crane Services

Atlanta and the surrounding region have one of the densest tree covers of any urban area in the US. This can make it challenging to address arboreal issues in populated urban areas such as Marietta. Crane services are essential for stabilizing or removing trees to prevent further structural damage after a tree is felled. Cranes are also highly recommended for trimming and pruning extremely tall trees.

OuterElements tree services division partners with local company Phoenix Crane Rental to ensure we have cranes to suit any terrain. Our certified arborists are fully trained and qualified to operate cranes of all sizes for safe and effective tree removal from commercial properties.

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If you need residential or commercial tree services in Marietta or the surrounding northwest Atlanta area, contact the team at OuterElements. Our family-owned company is dedicated to providing outstanding tree trimming, removal, and maintenance services to our local community. To find out more about the services we offer and get a free estimate, fill out our online form or call us at (687)-445-1968.