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Although not on Georgia's coast, Atlanta is situated in one of the state's highest storm regions and sees hurricanes, and strong seasonal wind and rain, with the potential for flooding. The area is also known for its stunning tree canopy, covering up to 48% of the city, which leaves commercial properties at risk of severe damage if a storm should cause a tree to fall onto major structures, main roads, or powerlines.

If a falling tree damages your property or someone else's nearby, you need a reliable tree removal service to safely and efficiently address the fallen tree without further damaging the surrounding property. PayLess Tree Service provides emergency tree services, including crane-assisted tree removal, to effectively eliminate the hazard from your property. Storm damage can be financially devastating, so PayLess Tree Service offers quick and easy insurance claim adjustment to help you manage tree removal costs.

Does Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

In most cases, your property insurance should cover the cost of tree removal from your property, depending on what caused the tree to fall and where it fell. Property insurance covers damages due to natural perils, such as falling objects, fire, hail, storms, lightning, snow, and ice, as well as third-party causes, like falling aircraft, vehicles not owned or driven by you, and criminal activity.

Typically, your policy only covers tree removal if the tree fell on a covered structure. In some instances, your insurance provider may offer coverage for trees felled by lightning, flooding, or wind that fall on a landscaped area, parking lot, or empty space on your commercial property.

If someone else crashes a vehicle into a tree on your property, causing the tree to fall, many insurance companies will cover you for the cost of tree removal. If someone deliberately fells a tree that causes damage to your property, you are also covered for the cost of removal. When in doubt, contact your insurance provider to find out exactly what is covered by your policy.

Many events can cause a tree to incur damage upon your property. When this happens, the PayLess Tree Service team can liaise with your insurance provider's claims adjusters to assist you in making a successful claim. According to the Insurance Information Institute, most insurers cover on average $500 - $1,000 depending on your policy; however, you may still need to pay a deductible.

What if a Tree Falls on My Property From a Neighboring Property?

If a tree falls onto your property from a neighboring property, you may still be eligible to make an insurance claim. In Georgia, it is the property owner’s responsibility to repair any damage done to their property.

Your insurer may try to pursue compensation from your neighbor’s insurer for the cost of tree removal and repairs. This may enable you to recover the cost of the deductible.

What if a Tree From My Property Damages My Neighbor’s Property?

On the other hand, if a tree falls on your neighbor’s property and causes damage, they are responsible for filing the insurance claim. If the tree hasn’t been adequately maintained, and you were aware of the risks, you may be legally liable to pay for the damage. You can reduce your liability by ensuring that the trees on your property are properly maintained. Call PayLess Tree Service for a tree health assessment.

Is Damaged Landscaping Covered?

If your plants and landscaping are damaged by flying debris or falling trees, your insurance may cover debris removal and plant replacement up to a certain amount if the damage was caused by the named perils in your property insurance policy.

At PayLess Tree Service, our team can help determine the extent and cost value of the damage and provide this information to your claims adjuster.

What to Do if a Tree Damages Your Property

If a tree falls on your property, do not attempt to remove the tree yourself, even if it blocks your driveway or impedes access to your building. If someone is injured, call 911 and seek medical assistance. Then, immediately evacuate the premises and contact PayLess Tree Service to assist with your tree removal needs.

Document the damage by taking numerous photos, and call your insurance provider, who can guide you on the next steps to take.

Preventative Maintenance

It's essential to be prepared for when the next big storm comes around. Preventative mesaures, such as limb trimming, pruning, and treating your trees for disease can minimize the risk of tree damage to your property.

Scout the surrounding area for trees close to your house. You’ll need to be looking for overhanging branches that are too close to power lines or other buildings. Check that each tree is upright and not leaning too much in one direction. Also, check for cracks and other weaknesses around the roots and trunk.

Contact PayLess Tree Service for a comprehensive assessment of the trees on your property. Our certified arborists can evaluate the health of your trees, trim overhanging branches, and eliminate weak or diseased limbs that could damage your property during a storm.

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