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Trees play an important role in the aesthetic function of your outdoor space. Whether your yard is characterized by a colorful crepe myrtle or features an enormous shady oak, trees add value to your property. However, overgrown, diseased, or aged trees can also pose a hazard to your home or business.

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Tackling maintenance and tree issues is challenging. Without the right knowledge and equipment, you may irreparably damage your trees or sustain an injury. A fully licensed and insured professional tree service company can care for and maintain your trees to ensure your property is safe and beautiful.

ensure your property is safe and beautiful. OuterElements is a highly rated, locally owned, and operated tree service provider in Woodstock, GA, with over 60 years of industry experience. The OuterElements tree service division carries out a range of services, from stump grinding to tree trimming.

OuterElements Tree Services

We are a client-focused organization committed to providing premium tree maintenance and care services. Here are some of our services available in Woodstock, GA.

Tree Removal

Tree removal services are necessary for new builds, renovations, or improving a property’s safety. Our tree service division is a team of professionals with extensive landscaping knowledge and removal equipment to safely eliminate tree-related hazards from your home or commercial property. Tree removal is recommended for dead, dying, and potentially dangerous trees.

Emergency Storm Services

Trees can become compromised, dislodged, and damaged during storms. OuterElements provides emergency storm services to help clear up unexpected storm damage. Fallen trees can cause serious safety hazards in the aftermath of a storm, particularly when branches become entangled with electrical wires or lean against structures. Our emergency tree services help ensure your home or office returns to normal as quickly as possible after a storm.

Stump Grinding

An important but difficult aspect of felling trees is stump removal. Tree stumps are not only an eyesore on your property, but they can also cause safety hazards for vehicles and machinery crossing yards and can be insurance liabilities for businesses. Our stump grinding services minimize the impact of tree remnants and create a more aesthetically pleasing and safe outdoor space. Stump removal also prevents insects and pests from infesting the area.

Tree Trimming

The OuterElements tree trimming services help you ensure that your trees remain healthy. Our tree service division carries out pruning, trimming, and other important tree work to ensure they look great year-round. We recommend annual tree trimming and regular tree health inspections to control growth and ensure your trees don't become diseased or dangerous.

Wood Chips

As an environmentally conscious company, we recycle 100% of the wood we remove from projects. We offer these chips to our customers for free for use as mulch or ground cover.

Land Clearing Services

Our comprehensive services go far beyond tree removal. We also offer crane tree services and land clearing, helping you get your property ready for any new construction work. We have the equipment and machinery to clear shrubbery and remove trees from any site. This enables us to clear land for a host of construction projects, including commercial buildings and homes.

Whether you’re clearing space for a backyard swimming pool or to extend your office block, we can help prepare the land.

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If you need tree services in Woodstock, Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell, or the Georgia area, contact OuterElements. As a local, family-owned business, we are passionate about caring for our local area. From removal services to emergency storm solutions, we offer specialist services to suit your budget. If you require insurance claim assistance to facilitate a project, we can help you navigate the complex claims process. To learn more about our services or to get a price estimate, give us a call today.